Finding Quality Essential Oils


Finding Quality Essential Oil Brands

In your search for finding quality essential oils you will soon find out that most suppliers will not meet every one of the criteria in the summary of what to look for, but as you search for quality essential oils retail websites and contact suppliers, you will get a better feel for those suppliers with whom you feel comfortable and from whom you wish to purchase. Essential oil purity and therapeutic value are vital to essential oil safety and efficacy. There are quite a few excellent suppliers whose first priority is ensuring that the oils they provide are pure and of high quality.

Finding Quality Essential Oils

Variety of Products Offered

No essential oil retailer carries every single aromatherapy essential oil, so over time, you may find yourself buying from several different retailers. When you check the GC/MS reports to determine which retailers have the oil with the constituent profile you want, and then compare price (do not forget shipping), availability, customer support, and any other criterion that is important to you, you will be better able to determine which oils you wish to buy from the various high-quality oil suppliers.  Doing your own research is the key to finding quality essential oils.

Summary of What to Look For in Finding Quality Essential Oils

Finding Quality Essential-oils-

  • Label: Botanical name, plant part, country of origin, distillation date and/or expiration date, chemotype (if applicable), and “Keep Out of Reach of Children” statement
  • Cost: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Testing: Especially GC/MS testing
  • Organic, unsprayed, or wildcrafted
  • NAHA or other association memberships
  • Sustainability and economic cooperatives or initiatives 
  • NOTE Terminology: Therapeutic or clinical grade – Recently, terms such as “therapeutic grade” or “clinical grade” are being used by essential oil suppliers to claim the superiority of their oils over other oils. These terms are not standardized and mean whatever the supplier using them wants them to mean. The terms they are using are not standardized within the industry to meet any specific criteria.

To start you on your journey of finding quality essential oils, here is a list of suppliers I have used or know of other aromatherapists/essential oils users who have used these suppliers:

Young Living™ is an essential oil company founded in 1993. Their platform is based on honoring  their commitments and they guarantee their product lines of therapeutic-grade essential oils. According to them, they exercise quality control from the botanical seeds planted to cultivating, harvesting, and distilling. They use caution, care, and ethical guidelines in each step from seed germination, nurturing and reaping the grown plants at just the right stage of growth. This care produces a wonderful product that is delivered to you. Their customer focus is integrated into their website for live chats, providing their e-mail address, and a toll-free number to assist customers.

This is the company that I first purchased essential oils from and they came very highly recommended. They are an MLM company, although membership is not required to purchase their products.


  • They are aware of their essential oil processing methods and do not rebottle their product
  • They have been in business for 22 years (in 2015) and almost the father of essential oils in the United States
  • Young Living™ has the largest inventory of essential oils with 86 singles and 78 blends
  • Young Living™ uses amber/brown glass bottles for their essential oils


  • They are the most expensive essential oil company in the marketplace to date

  • They occasionally run out of stock, selling about 30% of the essential oils from their plants and the balance is used as organic fertilizer on crops.

NOTE: If you are interested becoming a member to get the reduced rate on products, you can get started here under my member number.  I am not a distributor per se, I joined to get the reduced price of their products and services.

dōTERRA® is the new kid on the block, having been founded in 2008, and shares their profound personal experience. You will find that the essential oils by dōTERRA® are subjected to the Certified Pure Therapeutic-Grade (CPTG) testing, a registered quality protocol using a low heat distillation process. If you are not satisfied with their products, you can return them for a 100% refund. On the other hand, you can receive 100% credit on a future purchase. The products must not be outdated when you send them back. Their products are expensive but less expensive than Young Living™ Company’s products.

I became aware of this supplier through friends and other trusted resources.


  • They carry out clinical research for selling a great product
  • Their product has zero socio-economic boundaries


  • You are required to pay a $35 registration fee for membership and offers MLM opportunity
  • They do not have their own farms for growing plants for essential oils and do not distil the plants for oils

Edens Garden™ is one of the popular essential oil companies that control the freshness and quality of their products by rotating the stock simultaneously every two weeks. They have been operating from San Clemente, California, since 2009. They do not compromise on their quality products. Their oils are stored at a precise temperature with minimal light to ensure the therapeutic properties. You will find their products packed in amber (brownish) glass bottles. This helps to preserve the chemical plant properties and effectiveness of the oil. The oils are 100% pure and do not contain additional bases, fillers, or additives. If you are not satisfied or happy with their product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase.

In my own search for finding quality essential oils, I recently became a user of this supplier and so far, love them. Their packaging is excellent and suitable for gift giving. They also offer FREE shipping.


  • They have a massive collection of 150 essential oils and this allows them to have many discounts, deals, and bonuses on each product

  • Without using herbicides, pesticides, or any harmful chemicals, they provide 100% therapeutic-grade oils



 Native American Nutritionals has merged with Rocky Mountain Oils.

On behalf of the entire Native American Nutritionals (NAN) family, we want to thank you for making us your source for 100% pure essential oils for YOUR family. As many of our longtime customers know, we have been a part of the Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) family for many years. As a result of our commitment and investment to bring you the very best experience in the industry, we made the decision to evolve our brand and store formally into RMO. We’ve built a new look, customer experience and guarantee of quality that reflects your lifestyle and places your needs front and center. Most importantly, we are pleased to introduce our S.A.A.F.E. Promise™ backed up with the visibility to see third-party tested GC/MS test results on every essential oil we sell.

We invite you to visit our new site to source the very best 100% pure essential oils and learn how they can improve the wellbeing of you and your family.” 

Rocky Mountain Oils are obtained from small organic farms globally. All of their essential oils are graded 100% pure therapeutic. This ensures you get a quality product. Quality products come from smaller farms where quality control can be better maintained. This company’s integrity is without exception. They provide essential oils in 100 singles and 75 blends for your varied selection choices.

The oils are used by people in their homes, in offices and spas, massage therapists, anywhere alone or with essential oil diffusers. Their 100% satisfaction guaranteed products attest to their rigorous standards.


  • Essential oil products are obtained from small organic farms globally since smaller farms maintain their plants more diligently, thus producing superior oils

  • 90-day guarantee on oils with full refund if customer is not satisfied
  • Diffusers come with a 1-year limited warranty if they are defective and break
  • New labels being printed for respective companies with possibly haveing botanical name of plants
  • Large selection of the top essential oils including over 100 singles and 75 blends
  • Merging with each other, these companies: No line spaces:
  • Cater to beginners: Rocky Mountain Oils and focus on the “science of the oils”
  • Cater to advanced: Native American Nutritionals and focus on the “science of the spirit of the oils”


  • One customer complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) about shipping the product long after customer’s payment was deposited to RMO’s account; resolved by RMO by fully refunding money and sending oils, but later than the second-day shipment after order received.

They offer a comparison of their product blends to those of Young Living and doTerra which is very useful.

Now Foods (NOW®)  started their natural foods and supplements business in 1948—67 years in 2015. The company is based in Chicago, Illinois, providing high-quality personal care products and essential oils to health-seeking consumers. Their business is primarily involved with the productions of nutritional foods and vitamin supplements. They have never compromised on their quality of products. They use a unique technique for growing specific plant species, harvesting them, and then distilling the plants to prepare the essential oil plants grown in a certain season of the year. Now Foods citrus fruit essential oils are 100% cold pressed whereas other essential oils are 100% steam distilled. However, their products do not have any official grading for A, B, C or therapeutic-grades. All oils are manufactured resulting in the highest purity and quality.

You will often see ads for these oils on my blog via They are highly recommended and have great reviews.


  • Has the relevant quality and offers therapeutic-grade essential oils


  • Although their prices are low, they have few complaints about their essential oil fragrances being of poor quality.

Hopefully, this information has been helpful and has provided you plenty of resources in finding quality essential oils for whatever your intended purpose or use is.