How Essential Oils Can Benefit Your Pet


Guest Post:  How Essential Oils Can Benefit Your Pet

It’s my pleasure to introduce Jessica Williams of Essential Oil Diffuser as a guest blogger today. Jessica is a writer, a foodie, and an adventurer. She writes about the benefits of holistic approaches to life and wellness and will be writing today on how essential oils can benefit your pet. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her article and hope you will too!

How Essential Oils Can Benefit Your Pet

your pet

Pets make life better. If you’re a pet owner, you already know this. Your little four-legged friend is there for you to share your secrets, greet you when you come home, cheer you up when you’re sad, and they really only ask for love in return.

Of course, our love is going to be unconditional, we’ll share pictures, maybe too many pictures of them whenever we can, but we can also do more.

Pretty much as aromatherapy is beneficial for us, the same can be recommended for pets’ physical and psychological wellness. That’s right; essential oils can truly benefit your pet friend, and that’s why many pet owners are using them. Given that they are readily available, quick and easy to use, there’s no reason to avoid giving your dog or cat a dose of these useful oils. Remember, dilution is key. The best rule is 1 drop of oil, per 50 drops of a carrier oil. As always, make sure you discuss with your vet if your pet is taking medication.

Why Essential Oils

Essential oils have been with us for quite some time, and their significance in relations to our wellness has been growing owing to these products’ benefits becoming more and more mainstream. In fact, with a seemingly endless number of users and a whole host of applications, the reason for the rising popularity isn’t a wild guess.

your petThe oils are applied to animals in similar ways to how we use them. They can be taken orally or rubbed on the skin, and their benefits aren’t limited to just dogs and cats. Many people are finding out that these oils working like a charm for calming down frightened or restless pets, including horses and pigs.

Often called aromatic oils, essential oils have been in use across the planet for as long as there has been a record of civilization. From medieval Europe, Persia, and Greece to ancient China and Egypt, essential oils have been used for a number of purposes. Each culture applied them differently, depending on religion, location, and other factors. But the belief that they supported better health was common across all users.

Essential Oils And Pets – What’s The Relationship?

Don’t forget your four-legged friends – how essential oils can benefit them,” Dr. Richard Palmquist

your pet

Truth be told, oils have multiple desirable effects that, in a unique way, aid in the normal working of the body. Key among them is reducing anxiety and inflammation, taming oxidative processes, and battling harmful micro-organisms and toxins. In fact, just the same way humans benefit from them, essential oils are simply “essential” to the little, spirited friends.

1. Lavender Oils

When your Chihuahua, Frenchie or German Shepherd is battling anxiety and aggression, the best remedy is giving him or her a bit of lavender oil. The familiar aroma has calming effects and it just takes a few drops! Combine with the same amount of chamomile or sandalwood, for an, even more, relaxing mixture.

2. Neroli Oils

Nothing helps fight stress more than neroli oils. If your pet is battling stressful moments suffering from extreme shock, grief or other losses, a few drops should be more than enough to relax them. If you can’t find this substance, bank on vetiver oil, cardamom or lime oils makes a great substitute.

3. Orange

Yet another essential oil for your pet, orange is perfect for deodorizing their skin. The pleasant smell is also ideal for repelling fleas and ticks so they’ll be free to play outside all year long!

4. Ginger Oils

Ginger is one useful plant, and when its oil is used, the non-toxic and non-irritating substance helps initiate digestion in sick dogs and cats. Hairballs are no fun for anyone anyways.

5. Eucalyptus

One popular oil whose usage is continually increasing is eucalyptus oil. Due to its antiviral and anti-inflammatory features, it is fast becoming the oil of choice to help with illnesses or illness prevention. Like us, it is perfect for relieving your pet’s chest pains or breathing problems. Also, fleas are repelled by the smell, so you won’t have to spend money on those unnatural pills or spray to keep them away.

6. Spearmint

The list of how essential oils are beneficial in pets couldn’t end without mentioning Spearmint oil. I know fluffy animals are cute, but if your dog or cat needs to lose a little bit of weight, for medical reasons, not because they’re not adorable, spearmint is your answer. Also helpful with managing diarrhea and nausea, making our friend’s lives, and our stress levels, better. 

Last but not least, whatever oils you choose for your pets, always make sure you’re buying quality products. Our friends deserve the best and it’s the very least we can do to show we appreciate their unconditional love.

By:  Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams is a writer, a foodie, and an adventurer. She will go to your petextraordinary lengths in the search for good foods and will try any food at least once. Traveling to different parts of the world has opened her eyes to the benefits of holistic approaches to life and wellness and is always happy to chat or learn from others. Visit her at or on twitter.


6 Replies to “How Essential Oils Can Benefit Your Pet”

  1. Very good article, I had a dog but unfortunately had to leave him back in the states when I moved to the Dominican Republic. Do you recommend using multiple oils for your dog? Do you have any special recommendations for puppies, or can they use the same oils as full grown dogs?

    1. Hi, Lorenzo!
      Yes, I use multiple oils for my dogs. I let them choose the ones they want, then dilute them with a carrier oils, then rub on them or let them lick a few drops. They are pretty amazing. I don’t recommend giving to young pups, however, you can spray their bedding with a hydrosol.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment.

  2. Pets are very dear to their owners. It is good that you are sharing this information about Essential oils.
    I am sure that pet owners want the best for their pets. This post will enlighten those who are unaware of the benefits of essential oils for pets.
    This post is very informative. Thank you.

  3. Loved this article found it very informative. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats and also help a local cat rescue center trap spay and neuter feral cats which we then either release back where we trapped them or if possible we work with them to socialize them and then find them forever homes. So as you can imagine I often have scared and vicious cats in my home. I currently use a Feliway diffuser which does help and of course, a bit of catnip always helps lol. I will certainly try some of your suggestions. Thank you

    1. Hi, Billie Jo!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind comment. Cats and essential oils are tricky! I usually start out with a small amount in the diffuser to see how my inside cat reacts. My other two are inside/outside cats, so it is hard to tell how well they like them. They love homegrown catnip as well!

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