4 Aromatherapy Gift Giving Ideas


Aromatherapy Gift Giving Ideas

aromatherapy gift

Aromatherapy is enjoying tremendous growth. This increase in popularity is not just for the pleasant scents associated with aromatherapy but the benefits it can provide. Now that more people are taking advantage of those properties, an aromatherapy gift is an ideal gift for friends, family or any gift giving opportunity. There are so many ways you can give aromatherapy to not only friends and family but to just about anyone. Read on while we explore just a few aromatherapy gift ideas.

1. Aromatherapy Gift Sets

You can always purchase aromatherapy gift sets that include various tools for relaxation in one set. A better gift, however, would be a hand-crafted massage oil with some light scented essential oils mixed with a high-quality carrier oil along with the recipe for that blend, with details on your recommendation of where to purchase the next refill. Add a soothing music CD or a book on massage techniques and that is a very unique and well-appreciated gift. You get the idea on how you can customize a gift set for any occasion.

2. Aromatherapy Spa Packages

aromatherapy gift

For very special occasions, nothing beats being pampered from head to toe. You can purchase aromatherapy spa packages in several different variations that will leave your gift recipient forever grateful to you. Check local resources such as Google or Groupon for spa locations in your area or the area of the recipient that offer the sessions you are looking to give. Those could be anything from a one-time massage session to an all-day luxury session. Talk about a well-appreciated aromatherapy gift!

3. Aromatherapy Books

Your local bookstore can be a great place to shop for an aromatherapy gift. You can find books on essential oils, aromatherapy herbs, aromatherapy recipes, and aromatherapy use. Not only are these useful, but usually they contain gorgeous photos and can serve as great coffee table books. You get the idea. And if you can’t find anything local, or don’t want to go out to shop, there is always Amazon.com You can also check out my reading list for aromatherapy and essential oils here

4. Handmade Aromatherapy Gifts

aromatherapy gift

The choices are endless here. You can easily personalize a gift by making your own aromatherapy gift. It might sound daunting, but it can be as simple as purchasing a couple of already blended essential oils and adding a bottle or two of carrier oils.  Or if you are familiar with essential oils already, blending a special blend that you think would work well as a gift and placing them in a basket or a pretty box. Another great aromatherapy gift idea is a homemade candle with essential oils added to it. The internet is an endless resource for recipes for essential oils recipes, candle making and even soap making instructions for aromatherapy use.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is some pretty unique and easily personalized aromatherapy gift giving ideas available. Hopefully, there are enough ideas here to get you started.   And believe me, your gifts will be well appreciated! I would love to hear any of your thoughts on giving or receiving aromatherapy gifts!



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